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Microsoft Initiative

Microsoft and CAUDIT are working on joint initiatives that have the opportunity to transform the HE sector in Australia by leveraging collective resources, extended partnership and associated experience. These initiatives will support CAUDIT in leading the application of digital capabilities to transform education and research and Microsoft’s goals for higher education.

Project: Data Lake Initiative (POC)

This project investigates the provision of a data lake which stores shared (anonymised) and private data sets. Participating universities contribute their anonymised data and release subsets to the group of participating universities.

The initiative hopes to help transform the higher education sector in Australia by leveraging joint resources, extended partnerships and associated experiences. Participating universities will have faster access to aggregated data which is essential to un-earthing insights e.g. to analyse student progress and to fuel innovation.

Frequently asked questions.

Project: Research Collaboration and Cyber-Security (On hold)

This project will investigate Research collaboration in a global context with security "baked in". This will include the opportunity to utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to ensure the initiatives drives research capabilities. This will leverage experiences/methods in Microsoft Research and change management.

Project: Engagement & Employability (On hold)

This project will investigate a sector-wide learning, collaboration and qualification platform. This will be aligned with the CAUDIT Professional Development (CDP) initiative. 

Contact Greg Sawyer if you have any queries about this project.