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Meeting Students Where They Are: Learner - Centering Foreign Language Study with Leaner-Generated Gifs and Videos for Innovative Peer Motivation, Feedback and Assessment

Mr. David Hill

Macau Polytechnic Institute

Background: The gap between student and teacher use of technology in Macao can de-motivate all involved. Students’ proli c use of smartphones can clash with school policy and teacher preference. Rather than forbidding use of technology that students already enjoy, why not enhance tertiary language learning by incorporating it?

Methods: To introduce educational technology proven 1) simple enough for teachers to learn quickly 2) already familiar to students and 3) most conducive to e cient language learning, the author reviewed
a range of user-friendly technology applications for language learners to demonstrate their accustomed gadget creativity, create learning aids and share
this supplementation with classmates, during and between classes.

Findings: Students are more motivated using multimedia resources, but teachers o en choose the games, videos and GIFs. With
and https://, learners choose a topic or skill from textbooks, then make ten-second Coub GIF loops or one-minute FlipGrid videos on smartphones or tablets. Lesson aims are reinforced, while student- centeredness is guaranteed. Interaction patterns that could never exist in conventional classrooms become routine, ensuring peer motivation. Because these videos and GIFs are easily collected and archived, assessment is simple and fast, while feedback is given using the same media. Motivation comes from all sides, not only from teachers; feedback and assessment become more efficient.

Discussion: New technology applications will forever come with new problems to solve, and it’s an ongoing learning experience for this author to o er solutions through action research -- virtual worlds, AR, VR and XR -- a serious commitment to never going back to the ways that languages were taught 100 years ago. The community of Flipgrid users on makes the surprises not so surprising. One outgoing student assumed to readily use Flipgridactually refused. The author was advised to use Hyperdocs with Padlet as a way in. Videos and GIFs are unavoidable in almost every gadget and website; most students enjoy learning at the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy.