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May Update: ea2017 Symposim, Reference models, Community Congregation

ea2017 Symposium

The planning for the 2017 symposium is getting Real: the website has been published with symposium details. You can submit ideas for discussion (a call for papers will occur soon)
and you can register your interest to ensure you are notified when registrations open. Of course this will also be announced in the CAUDIT newsletter, the ea-in-he yammer space,
the linkedin group and the community of practice google group .

Just a reminder that the dates for the 2017 Symposium are Monday 20th - Wednesday 22nd November 2017 . The Symposium will be held at QUT’s Gardens Point campus in
Brisbane, Qld.

Reference Models Update

As we approach the first full year of the Higher Education Reference Models being made available to the CAUDIT community and beyond, we are now looking to ramp up our plans to
extend and enrich the models for our ongoing use. The models have generated huge interest within CAUDIT, and well over 80 international institutions have requested copies

To begin the next phase of their ongoing development, we will be engaging with CAUDIT members and the international recipients to capture data on the breadth and depth of their
uptake and use. This information will feed into our first cycle of model updates, giving us insight into how they have been used and modified to suit local needs and how these
changes should be adopted into the models formally for new versions.

The survey will be released in early May, and the working group will convene at the same time to work through the approach to reviewing and updating the models based on survey

Enterprise Architecture CoP Online Congregation

CAUDIT’s Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice is governed by Terms of Reference that were endorsed in 2016, when the CoP became formalised. One of the expectations set out in those Terms of Reference is that the CoP Organising Committee meets four times annually: three times online, and once in person at the annual Symposium.

The first online congregation will be held on Monday 01 May 2017 at these times:

● New Zealand: 4:00PM
● Melbourne: 2:00PM
● Brisbane: 2:00PM
● Adelaide: 1:30PM
● Perth: 10:00AM

To establish a quorum, we need eight volunteers attending alongside the Chair (jeff kennedy) and the Deputy Chair (David Johnston-Bell). Further details, including an agenda, will be posted to
the Google Group and to the Yammer Community, though any queries to in the meantime are invited and very welcome.