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Mapped & Enacted Across Curricula: Information Literacy for Future Ready Graduates

Annette Goodwin,
Susanna Chittick and Kylie Clarkson

Charles Sturt University

In 2016, Charles Sturt University introduced nine Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs) defining the skills, attributes and knowledge all CSU graduands will have. CSU Library supports two of these, the Information and Research Literacies GLO and the Digital Literacies GLO.

To ensure a strategic focus for Information Literacy support, the Library systematically mapped all of the courses taught across the University, identifying the key subjects to target for involvement. The Embedded Librarian Program was developed to address the findings of the mapping activity and provides students with contextualised information literacy support at key points in their degree.

One example of Embedded Librarian Program is the Legal Research training CSU Library provides to the Bachelor of Laws students. Using the information from the mapping activity and input from teaching staff, scaffolded support is developed and delivered to students at strategic points throughout their degree. Students have access to learning modules, online resources, interactive classes and a Law Librarian embedded in their subjects. Feedback from staff and students provides data for continual evaluation of the support provided. The outcome of the program is Law graduates who can locate, evaluate, and use information effectively and appropriately as they move into their professional careers.