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Managing the Machines

Keynote Speaker
Genevieve Bell
Australian National University

Managing the Machines

The World Economic Forum says we are entering the 4th wave of Industrialisation. They argue that this next era will be characterised by the emergence of cyber-physical systems – a new kind of computation, turbo charged by artificial intelligence. This emerging data-driven world suggests profound challenges and opportunities. How these technologies will shape our daily life and our businesses are yet to be determined. New business models and new markets are appearing and disruptions seem likely across markets, ecosystems and institutions, with the likelihood of profound social, cultural and political impacts. These emergent techno-economic transformations, like many of their predecessors, will also be accompanied by a great deal of societal and cultural anxiety regarding economic impact, sustainability and trust. In this talk, Professor Bell will explore the questions raised by the new technologies and how we might think about managing the machinery of the 21st century, in a way that it safe, secure and scalable.