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Leading A Student Centric SMS Implementation

Ms Karen Davies

Western Sydney University


Background: A University’s student management system is the key solution for managing the admission, enrolment and progression of a student through their academic journey. The implementation of the Ellucian Banner student management system is an exciting opportunity for Western Sydney University to design a comprehensive system that will support a streamlined solution for students and staff, improve the student experience and adopt a solution that will ip the way in which Western manages the student administration process.

Methods: Core to the vision of Western Sydney University is to secure success for our students and Greater Western Sydney region through innovation and discovery in a dynamic and technology-enabled world. The approach being adopted to implement our new student management system is through extensive stakeholder engagement, at the right time, to design and configure the solution to provide a single source of truth for all student administration processes.

Discussion: This is the largest strategic transformation project that Western has undertaken for a long time. The core principles of the program will be explored that highlight how Western has flipped our operational models to ensure a student centric approach is adopted.

At Western Sydney University the implementation of a new student management system epitomises the University’s goals to o er a distinctly student-centred university, to provide administrative systems that are innovative, flexible and responsive to student needs. The take home messages – students are the core of all higher education institutions and we need to be able to adapt our administrative processes to ensure we deliver student centric, streamlined administrative processes that provide a superior student experience.