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Software Licensing & Asset Management Conference
11 May 2017

Registrations Now Open!

New subsea cable to provide additional connectivity between Australia and South East Asia
23 Apr 2017

AARNet, Google, Indosat Ooredoo, Singtel, SubPartners, and Telstra have announced they have entered into an agreement with Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) to build a new international subsea cable system that will connect Singapore, Indonesia and Australia...

CAUDIT Higher Education EA Reference models roll out to 147 universities - and counting!
23 Apr 2017

We have seen substantial uptake by local and international institutions (147 universities from 16 countries in total to date).

AeRO 2017 National Forum Invitation
31 Mar 2017

AeRO National Forum – Thriving in the data-driven research world – the roadmap, the ARDC and beyond…

Mandatory Data Breach Notification Scheme
31 Mar 2017

Now established in Australia...

01 Mar 2017

An example of how one university is implementing ORCID...

Closing the Cloud Computing Skills Gap
01 Mar 2017

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launches the AWS Academy Program

Next Generation AAF Project Completed
01 Mar 2017

This project created the next generation Australian Access Federation (AAF) infrastructure and products to make national and international research collaboration easier..

Access to your organisation’s research management data
30 Nov 2016

As part of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Research Management System (RMS) redevelopment, the ARC has provisioned an Application Programming Interface (API). The API allows Administering Organisations’ systems to automatically interact with RMS and extract organisation data including clients, proposals, projects, final reports and end-of-year reports.

In recent months the ARC has been working with The University of Sydney’s system provider to assist them to successfully integrate their research management system with the RMS API.

CAUDIT 2016 US Study Tour
30 Nov 2016

Led by Steven Wojnarowski and Steve Johnston, ten representatives from CAUDIT Member Institutions participated in a two-stage study tour through Anaheim, San Jose and Seattle...

Completion of 2016 CAUDIT Managers Program
30 Nov 2016

Congratulations to the 20 participants of the 2016 CAUDIT Managers Program who completed their final face-to-face session in Melbourne during November. The final session was hosted by CAUDIT Member Defence Science Technology Group with participants also receiving a tour of the facilities at the South Wharf site...

CAUDIT Feedback on National Research Infrastructure Capability Issues Paper
02 Nov 2016

CAUDIT has submitted feedback including the recommendation to leverage existing services such as the Next Generation AAF project and existing infrastructure provided through AARNet...

Review of eduroam Policy
02 Nov 2016

Eduroam is a TERENA registered trademark and is an abbreviation for ‘educational roaming’...

New Data Retention Service
02 Nov 2016

CAUDIT recently surveyed members identifying the demand for a data retention service which resulted in a number of universities indicating their interest in such a service...

2015 Higher Education Student Statistics
02 Oct 2016

2015 student load data for both Australian and New Zealand Universities released.

New Communities: Research and Cloud
06 Sep 2016

Interested in joing one of two new Communities of Practice?

CAUDIT Supports Copyright Amendment Bill
30 Aug 2016

The following is a media release from the Australian Digital Alliance (ADA):

Media Release – Open Letter on Copyright Reform Bill
August 22 2016

The Australian Digital Alliance (ADA) today joins 23 other diverse organizations in calling for the prompt introduction of the copyright amendments released in last year’s draft bill.

CAUDIT Leadership Institute a success!
30 Aug 2016

Upon completing the end of program survey, 100% of respondents confirmed that they learned and achieved what they had hoped from attending the program...

CAUDIT Procurement Update
29 Jul 2016


Consultations commence
29 Jul 2016

National Research Infrastructure Capability Issues Paper