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Keynote Speaker Michelle Dickinson – Technology and education, what will the future hold?

The way that students experience learning is changing.  From MOOC’s to augmented reality classrooms there is no doubt that technology in the tertiary sector is being designed to enhance learning and change the way we experience education.  There is no way to predict the future, but current developments in the hardware space hint to what the next education trends might be.

This talk will cover some of the big changes coming in technology hardware and software as we anticipate the huge increases in capabilities for the education market.  By combining nanotechnology with big data, artificial intelligence and supercomputers, teaching and learning is in for some big changes thanks to some tiny inventions.

By looking at recent technological advances in fields such as nanotechnology, Michelle will take you on a tour looking at how our current lives are about to be disrupted by some simple but potentially life changing interactions with technology.