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Keynote Speaker Jim Groom – An Integrated Domain: Visions of a Connected Future

Visions of the future are often framed by the technologies that shape them. This is readily apparent in popular culture’s treatment of the future over the past 50 years.

Several recurring themes of these fictional projections have become contemporary concerns in 2017: the specter of artificial intelligence, the rise of robots, virtual worlds, and the existential question of self in an increasingly distributed and fragmented reality.

All of which points to an increasingly technological mediation of both reality and identity, raising the larger question of how we are managing these changes culturally.

Are we teaching people to interrogate the way news is presented on social media?

Are we teaching students to understand the basic infrastructure of the internet?

Are we beginning to examine the ever-changing fault lines of the reality that is framed for us on the web?

This talk will examine one small project called Domain of One’s Own happening at various universities and colleges in North America, Great Britain and Australia that empowers faculty, students and staff to both manage and control their online digital presence through an integrated online domain.

An initiative that frames education as fundamental to preparing an entire generation for the shifting notions of identity and reality that that will everywhere shape our connected future.