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Journey to a smart campus featuring Western Sydney University

An entire new generation of students, born with mobility and the internet are coming to your campus today.   Wearables, Smart Phones, Connected Devices, Streaming iTunes/TV, Social Media and gaming– are all second nature to them. These new ‘Digital Natives’ are learning, consuming, interacting and collaborating on campus digitally in new ways unlike before. And an increasingly ‘hyper-connected’ campus with devices interacting with each other, whether it’s the projector in the classroom to sensors in the lab reporting data to smart phones, has arrived.

Is your network geared up to meet this exponentially growing demand while securing both traditional and new types of devices to deliver an elevated student experience?  Can your network be used in intelligent ways to enhance student services such as tracking digital attendance, understanding foot-fall analytics in the campus, tracking lost devices or  securing your campus perimeter?  How do you optimize and prioritize traffic on your network for today and tomorrow by understanding who, what apps and when is the data being consumed?

Come Join Rich Nedwich, Global Director of Education at Ruckus and Kerry Holling, Chief Information and Digital Officer from Western Sydney University as we talk through the needs of a Smarter Campus and Western Sydney University’s  own transformation journey.