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It’s Pedagogy GO With Location-Based Mobile Learning

This presentation will report on an examination of the educational benefits of student’s both playing and designing location-based mobile games across different disciplines in higher education programs. It will focus on the:

•    impact that LBMLG design has on student engagement and motivation
•    issues of integrating LBMLG’s in different courses across different disciplines
•    the effectiveness of knowledge acquisition from both designing and playing LBMLG’s.

Location-based learning games delivered as a mobile app integrate storytelling, augmented reality and rich media with GPS, maps and gamification methodologies. Games were developed in four discipline areas, introduced to students during lectures and played subsequently in a tutorial or field excursion. Findings indicate that location-based mobile learning games provide an authentic and meaningful pathway to teach and learn with mobile technology and can make learning pleasant and engaging. To be effective, games require narratives that deliver meaning, location-interaction tasks to engage and motivate and gamification methodologies for converting tasks into ‘play’ to capture attention, retain interest and keep students active as they play.

There is also an interactive Workshop on Wednesday – be sure to book your place by registering early for this.