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The Imperative for Change: Why Digital Transformation in Higher Education is a Must, Not a Maybe


ANZ universities and colleges are under immense pressure to perform on the global arena. They’re expected to attract the brightest minds from across the world, be a powerhouse for research and innovation, and adapt to constant digital disruption – all while providing a seamless experience to students, staff and researchers. Modernisation is no longer a question of if, but a question of when.

The current operational model of most ANZ campuses is outdated and no longer sustainable. To survive, the higher education industry has to embrace transformation. Those who can harness change quickly can reap the results.

This session provides an overview of digital transformation projects that are helping universities participate and compete in the higher education sector and more broadly in the global marketplace. Hear insights into future strategic initiatives and how to move from a ‘locked in the corner’ scenario to pushing beyond the tipping point in innovation adoption. What are the drivers for change? How do you build the digital foundations for growth and innovation? And why a digital- first strategy is imperative for the long-term future of the Higher Education sector in ANZ.