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Identity Provider (IdP) Improvement Program

The program achieved its objectives by identifying and targeting subscribers that require assistance with maturing their identity provider deployments in the federation. This was done through a series of activities which the AAF branded the ‘Boost Program’. Appendix B outlines the framework of the Boost program, a process of data collection, profiling and reporting on an organisations technical connection of identities to the federation.

In particular the Boost program developed a package of reusable material which focused on:

  • Identity Assurance;
  • Awareness of federation tools; and
  • An organisation’s Identity Provider deployment in the federation.

Post completion of the project, the AAF has received positive feedback from the IT leaders in the sector as to the value of the program. Many organisations have put in programs of work to undertake technical activities to improve their Identity Provider deployments.

As the framework has been designed to be reused for future iterations, the AAF plans to undertake future Boost activities to assist organisations that are part of the federation into the future.