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How to Engage

CAUDIT offers an array of opportunities to connect, communicate and share with IT professionals and to be part of special interest groups (COP’s - Communities of Practice).  Below is a list of ways that you can expand your connections:



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Everyone who works or has a keen interest in IT within the Higher Education sphere.

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Everyone who works or has a keen interest in IT within the Higher Education sphere.

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Everyone who works or has a keen interest in IT within the Higher Education sphere.

Connect with CAUDIT on LinkedIn

Private group for those who work in IT within the Higher Education sphere. Our LinkedIn profile also includes sub-groups for our Communities of Practice!

CAUDIT Leadership Institute Alumni on LinkedIn

A private group for graduates of the CAUDIT Leadership Institute

CAUDIT Associate Directors Network on Yammer

A private network for Associate Directors (or equivalent) from CAUDIT Member institutions to communicate and share ideas and solutions to common goals and issues.

CAUDIT email lists:  CAUDIT manages a number of private email distribution lists and all member representatives meeting the criteria of the list are automatically subscribed.  If you have any queries about a distribution list in your State, contact CAUDIT. (Note:  Only those who are subscribed to the lists can use them).

CAUDIT                           CAUDIT Member representatives only      

CAUDIT-ACT-NSW            ACT+NSW representatives only

CAUDIT-SA                      SA representatives only

CAUDIT-WA                     WA representatives only

To contact the Queensland group of directors email

To contact the Victorian group of directors email




Community groups are private groups for staff of CAUDIT member institutions on specific topics or areas of interest that have their own, email lists and LinkedIn groups.  Visit the Communities webpage for contact information on:

  • P3M (Portfolio, Program and Project Management)
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Analysts
  • University Software Licensing Collaboration
  • Cybersecurity




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Join the Procurement group on LinkedIn 

Private group for those who work in IT Procurement areas within the Higher Education sphere.

Committees and Working Groups

CAUDIT committees and working groups are established when a need arises to focus more closely on a particular topic or issue.  Visit the Committees and Working Groups page to see what groups are currently active.  Please contact the Chair or CAUDIT if you have an interest in any groups.




Join the alumni group by contacting Barbara Olde

Join the CAUDIT Alumni group on LinkedIn


Open list for ex CAUDIT member representatives.