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How to effectively execute a content marketing strategy with limited resources

This presentation aims to provide advice to librarians and ITS staff who want to actively market and promote their tools and services and raise their profile. These departments support useful data discovery and management tools; however, they’re often restricted by limited budgets and resources and lack marketing capability or resources. Content marketing is a great strategic engagement tool to overcome this issue and can be easily added to the anyone’s outreach, promotion and communications tool kit. This session aims to demonstrate practical solutions on how to implement a simple but effective marketing strategy, with emphasis on the value of using content marketing.

Content marketing is about storytelling and its something anyone can do well.  Great content — publications, blogs and newsletters, webinars and podcasts can improve anyone’s outreach, promotion and communication outcomes.

New tools, technologies and platforms provide opportunities to connect with people in inherently more meaningful ways. Content marketing allows you to share information about your tools and services in a meaningful way with your audience, it’s about providing value through educational or entertaining content. Content marketing is popular approach as you can achieve fantastic outcomes with very little budget.

In the session, we will discuss how to get the most out of this approach and how to align your communications goals with your content development activities.  These goals could be increasing potential users or students, retention of existing ones, making more people aware of your research publications, data discovery services, or IT tools.

In the presentation, we will walk the audience through simple ‘how to’ guides, demonstrating how content marketing can be successfully done, by anyone, with minimal resources. In particular, we will cover:

•    Defining ‘quality’ content
•    How to share your content, on the right platforms (and with the right people!)
•    How to successfully execute content marketing when you don’t have a marketing team
•    How content marketing benefits you and the people around you
•    What does content marketing look like in 2017, and beyond?