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How do I log into the CAUDIT website?

IT staff from CAUDIT member institutions are able to access locked/member only resources.  CAUDIT members are Australian and New Zealand universities and some pathway and research organisations.  You can check if your institution is a member here:

Accessing the resources is simple:

  • From any page, hover your mouse over the Login button at the top of your screen and select either AAF (Australian institutions) or Tuakiri (NZ institutions):

  • Follow the prompts and enter your institution username and password.
  • Once validated you will be able to open all member only content from all pages including 'hidden content' on procurement pages, presentations and survey reports etc.
  • You only need to login once in your browser session.

If your institutions isn't included within the options please contact either AAF or Tuakiri using the links above to clarify your subscription status.