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How Agile are you – really? Griffith’s creation of an Org Agility diagnostic tool

Our industry is evolving at an ever-accelerating pace. As a result, university information technology services must be able to support their clients with an effective balance of leadership, guidance, and high quality service delivery. IT services are constantly seeking to align themselves with their university’s strategic priorities by having the agility and flexibility to respond to a rapidly changing environment, while remaining effective and efficient. Organisational agility is seen as a strategic imperative for achieving these goals.

In 2016 Information Services (INS), Griffith University, was keen to benchmark itself against an organisational agility maturity model so as to identify areas on which to focus. The challenge was to locate a sufficiently developed, whole-of-organisation framework which could form the basis of a self-assessment exercise. An initial environmental scan failed to identify a suitable candidate; however, subsequent discovery of the work of a German academic, Roy Wendler, who had experienced similar challenges, led to the discovery of an appropriate tool, complete with a multi-part questionnaire.

The presentation will outline the behaviourist approach taken by INS, i.e. using observable behaviour –rather than beliefs—as evidence of the degree of implementation / dissemination / frequency of those values, actions, and capabilities generally associated with an “agile organisation”. This self-assessment project has been contextualised within a broader framework, which incorporates employee engagement and organisational culture as key pillars in the better enablement of agility, flexibility, and alignment of services.