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History - Chapter 13 Alumni Group

Founded in 2007, the Alumni Group has been organised since its inception by Barbara Olde. Membership, which is free, is open to all former CAUDIT representatives. The membership in 2008 totals approximately 45.

The Alumni Group has no formal constitution and to date has no agreed objectives, though the following have been suggested by its members as ways in which it might operate:

  • Operate as Mentors.
  • Give advice on how to handle difficult situations
  • Create an on-line collection in the form of a wiki to enable folk from many walks of IT/networking life in Australia to contribute
  • Establish a blog
  • Provide a social network for people that have worked together over many years. A wine corner too?
  • Consultancies
  • Have occasional reunions
  • Assist existing CAUDIT members with similar or different perspective of the operation and strategic management of IT with the Australian H.E. sector.
  • Assist members with perspective of operation and strategic management of IT in Australian HE sector.
  • Face-to-face events would be a good complement to add to electronic interaction with perhaps some show and tell sessions about what we are all doing in our non IT Director lives. The problem with this is the cost of travel - one option might be to target the location of the CAUDIT meeting once a year and have a dinner with current members (their first night) and another day where the alumni meet and interact with each other.
  • The group could be involved in areas like organising events (conferences, meetings, etc)
  • Sounding board for new initiatives communication channel to other sectors and business groups (through affiliations of the CAUDIT alumni members) assistance with special projects using our managerial or technical expertise... some of us have specialised backgrounds (eg software development, networks & comms, etc
  • Keeping tabs on what people do post CAUDIT and on what the present group are doing
  • An online forum to share knowledge and experience - both for Alumni members networking and as a sounding board for the current CAUDIT group.
  • A project committee or a specific research task.
  • Consultancy to the sector
  • To indicate via the CAUDIT web site an interest in assisting in areas like conference program committees, mentoring junior IT staff, consulting etc.
  • Informal networking opportunities once or twice a year in each state
  • Social;
  • Providing a channel for keeping up with and discussing technology and IT management trends within a higher ed framework.
  • Mentoring IT and non-IT staff in getting value from IT
  • Access to a communications channel through the CAUDIT website will enhance the group's effectiveness
  • To maintain an up to date contact list. An activities newsletter (Where Are They Now), along with the chances of an occasional get together might also be popular

Members of the Group are invited to attend CAUDIT general meetings which are held in a location convenient to them, and on most occasions a small number does attend.