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Hey Chatbot, Where can I get Coffee on Campus?

Mr. Michael Mcguinness
Griffith University

With so much information available on the Griffith University website, a project was created to allow students to have a faster search option. The project team had to come up with a way that could help students do this. The project team determined that the use of a chatbot would allow the students to ask simple questions using natural language and get the response they needed in a more timely manner. There were already other chatbots in other sectors (the Australian Government and many banks). By using the latest technologies to solve this problem, it also allowed the project team the opportunity to consider using Artificial Intelligence so that the chatbot could self-learn the types of search terms students use most. There was a need to allow the students to submit support tickets if the chatbot could not answer their request. This meant that the chatbot was going to be located on the MyGriffith landing page that students use on a daily basis (but need to sign in to see). This allowed all of Griffith University’s students when logged in to use and interact with the bot (40,000 active users). Using our external partner (Squiz Matrix) our chatbot was designed and implemented using a bespoke process that has a fun and friendly style (with a cool name like Sam).

One of the challenges was determining what types of searches students used most. Want to find out how the project team did it? You will get see a showcase of how the project team reviewed the pros and cons of using Artificial Intelligence and how the chatbot is helping our students on a daily basis, the techniques used to and out what students wanted in the chatbot (students love free cupcakes) and what types of searches students use the most. There will also be some insight into the project delivery method that allowed the chatbot to delivered in 12 weeks.