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H5P and the Brave New World of Learning Interactives: A Case Study in first year Anatomy & Physiology units

This presentation aims to add a new perspective to the use of learning interactives in tertiary education. It discusses the use of an open source and free to use eLearning authoring tool, H5P, to create chunked modular activities in first year Anatomy & Physiology units at Victoria University, Melbourne.

Advances in educational technology in the past few decades have been the catalyst for fundamental shifts in learning and teaching. While the pedagogical function of resources such as books, study guides, lectures and other written learning material has been understood, discussed and analysed; only recently has a critical reflection on the veracity of interactive learning materials begun. This presentation aims to add to this emerging field of learning interactive research and their use, particularly in Higher Education in Australia.

This presentation will use examples from learning interactives developed for first year Anatomy and Physiology units (in Victoria University, Melbourne), using an open source and free to use HTML5 eLearning authoring tool called H5P. H5P allows users to create mobile friendly, interactive HTML5 learning content. This content can be created directly in any web browser and within the University’s LMS via an LTI integration, with little to no technical skills required in the creation of H5P learning objects. The added benefits of no plugins required for the end user, no local installation, and no large SCORM packages, make H5P unique in a cluttered eLearning authoring tool market with high end products that often require design and software experience.

In this presentation, the Learning Designer and Subject Matter Expert discuss their techniques and experiences of developing interactive content using H5P, chunking content into modular activities and encouraging Active Learning throughout the units of study. By bringing together both ‘unit content’ and ‘unit design’ perspectives, it is aimed that a methodology is developed, that recognises and takes advantage of the technological solutions that H5P offers. The ultimate aim of implementing these blended strategies and techniques is to build teaching staff capacity and increase student engagement and retention.