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Global Data Protection Laws & The Impact on Australian Universities - Don't be Caught Offguard

Keynote Speaker
Sheila FitzPatrick

FitzPatrick & Associates

Data Privacy is a complex topic in higher education and the privacy implications for institutional activities cannot be ignored. The ever-increasing data protection laws around the world being driven by new legislation such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Data, and Australia’s Data Breach Notification Scheme, impact universities in Australia and around the world as they collect and process personal data on students, staff , faculty, alumni, visiting professors, etc. Colleges and universities encounter complicated and challenging privacy issues every day, from understanding the institutional impact of the latest law that attempts to consolidates certain privacy rights to figuring out the role of prospective student social media posts in admissions processes to using analytics to help measure alumni donations and conduct critical research activities. Institutions that understand the nuance of the varied data privacy issues existing in the higher education environment will be better prepared to define the best approach for building a realistic privacy compliance program that will allow them to gain the competitive advantage and entice students and faculty from around the world. Sheila will share her expertise in global data privacy/protection laws in over 160 countries, discussing both the similarities and the differences, and the importance of developing and sustaining a global approach to compliance.