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Future Ready Learning Spaces: Broadening the Conversation about Space at Indiana University

Dr Tracey Birdwell

Indiana University

With the fall 2015 launch of the Mosaic Initiative, Indiana University’s multi-campus active learning initiative, multiple stakeholders from across IU’s seven campuses have engaged with Mosaic sta to both broaden and deepen the growing conversation about learning spaces.

This work first began with the development of the Mosaic Fellows Program, with a goal of supporting and informing a cadre of faculty on the issues of space, as well as the development of new learning spaces across the university. The conversation about learning spaces was further supported, with faculty and students, through events like the Mosaic Design Symposiums (for instructors and undergraduates), and efforts at gathering feedback on classrooms, (including our Mosaic Fellows cohort reports).

As more instructors and students thought and talked about space, the Mosaic Initiative also began to formally and informally connect students and faculty to those stakeholders who traditionally are charged with developing learning spaces, i.e., learning spaces committees, the university architect’s office, and others; this allowed a much broader collection of voices to share their issues, concerns, and ideas about space, and to engage in informed discussion and debate regarding development of new learning spaces.

It will take the perspectives of the entire university to develop the 21st century campus. The Mosaic Initiative facilitates this goal by growing and deepening the conversation about learning spaces at Indiana University.

In this session, participants will be presented with highlights of Mosaic’s specific efforts to both broaden the participation in - and deepen the content conversation about – learning spaces IU, including communication materials to be shared with all session attendees. Participants will also learn about the wins and setbacks related to Mosaic’s goal of ensuring that the entire IU community believes that “Space Matters.”