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Flinders University’s Digital Transformation Journey – Key elements for success!

Most Higher Education institutions are undertaking digital transformation of their businesses. Large transformation programs are complex and impact all areas and aspects of the institution. Flinders University’s Director of Information Technology Services will share lessons learnt from establishing a focused and successful digital transformation that will achieve the institutions vision for a digital eco-system. Flinders University has begun a five year transformation program commencing with the establishment of appropriate governance and executive support. This presentation details the key areas of consideration that Flinders has focused on to ensure success.

In 2015 Flinders University developed a Digital Strategy for the period 2016 – 2020. The challenge with all strategies is turning the strategic vision into an actionable plan with strong and visible executive support. Flinders’ digital vision is focused on providing a personalised experience for staff and students, connectedness, collaborative learning, promoting lifelong learning, research data and learning analytics.

Flinders took a well-defined approach to the development of a roadmap and accompanying program of work to achieve the desired vision, commencing with developing a target state architecture using a business capability based approach. In parallel, appropriate business governance structures were convened to approve and own the target state and guide the development of the roadmap and program prioritisation.

In developing the plan for Flinders digital transformation journey there was a focus on a number of key elements to ensure success, including: – Identifying areas that would provide early business benefit; Appropriate prioritisation of projects aligned with the University’s Strategy; A focus on strong disciplined program management; Rather than making changes to an application on multiple occasions, application changes are bundled into a single project; Harnessing existing momentum; Recognising the dependencies between projects.

This significant transformational change needed strong, clear and visible executive support and ownership to ensure the vision for the university and the resources required to undertake such a significant change were understood and championed.

This presentation will discuss how Flinders identified and included these elements to facilitate a strong foundation on which to commence this journey.