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Featured Speaker Sue Roberts – Developing Vision and Strategy in an Uncertain World

This presentation will explore the challenges for strategic leadership that we all face in an environment of change and volatility. It will discuss how vision and strategy can be developed in the context of the wider environment in which we work and live, often described as a VUCA environment: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

The presentation will draw on current thinking and models on strategic leadership and will also provide examples and frameworks from Libraries and Learning Services at the University of Auckland. It will share lessons learnt to date and insights gathered into institutional culture and approaches to vision, strategy and change.

Libraries and Learning Services at the University of Auckland developed a new vision and strategy during 2016. The aim was to develop a compelling vision, strategy and set of priorities for the next five years, within a tight timeframe due to the broader University requirements of a 10 year capital framework.

The presentation will outline the adopted methodology and explore the responses from a range of stakeholders. Stakeholder involvement and engagement was of particular significance given the emphasis on collaboration and cross-institutional initiatives for research, teaching and learning.

It will also explore how Libraries and Learning Services contribute to the vision and aspirations of the University’s strategy, outlining the priorities and transitions required to deliver world class services and programs to meet the needs of researchers, teachers and learners.