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Experiencing Education at The University of Auckland

Student Journey mapping combines the student voice, identification of pain points, tells us what is of most value to students and what is most impactful. When the connections with the student voice and other data sources are revealed, a rich set of root cause insights can be established.  It enables organisations to ask whether they are working on the right priorities with the student at the centre of their strategic decisions.

The University of Auckland embarked on a programme called Student First in the last quarter of 2016.  It had a vision about enhancing a uniquely Auckland student experience.

The student journey is about path finding, if students lose their way in the journey, they may not scale to the heights of their potential and success or may never get to their destination.

Join us as we share how the insights gained from journey mapping with students has informed early interventions and highlighted the importance of critical moments of truth and where the organisation has reprioritised its focus on becoming more student-centric.