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Everyone's Dream: A Network with Zero Vulnerabilities but with so many Cybersecurity Solutions available, Where do we even start?

Mr Matt Ashman,
Mr Andrew Brimson

Khipu Networks Limited

Zero Vulnerability Infrastructure – Everyone’s goal The majority of cyber breaches that have crippled education institutions, caused financial loss and reputational damage, have been down to insufficient security controls, vulnerable systems and phishing email attacks. It’s a never ending on-going challenge for everyone and every University to continually protect and prevent against the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

With a huge range of cyber security solutions available, coupled with many of them o en being developed for the private sector only, makes it a challenge for the education sector to choose the right solution that not only protects their environments but is also cost e effective and doesn’t affect the staff and student teaching and learning experience.

We’ve been providing networking and cyber security services/solutions for over 15 years into the education sector. Working in partnership with our customers understanding their requirements and challenges for cyber protection, has enabled us to create a range of cyber risk assessments that help institutions identify weaknesses in their environments making them vulnerable to a wide range of common attacks.

We target the key elements of the network, assessing the vulnerabilities and risks associated with:
USERS: Phishing and Cyber Security Awareness ENDPOINTS: What’s on your network INFRASTRUCTURE: Internal and external vulnerabilities

PERIMETER SECURITY: Sufficient security and application visibility (on-premise, private/public cloud)
These assessments provide the information needed to justify investment in the ‘right’ cyber security solutions to maximise protection and prevention.

In our presentation, we will share real-life findings from University projects detailing their problems
and challenges associated with cyber-attacks, the implications, how they were addressed and outcomes from solutions implemented.  
Our approach is to help

simplify cyber security strategies by identifying what is at risk, its priority, how to remediate and provide on-going protection. Example customers projects include:

Visibility and control of applications and threats – a video case study at the University of Manchester:
Minimise your attack exposure – a case study at College Cambria:

Proactive and prevention against cyber attacks – a case study at University of Winchester: https://goo. gl/GjvA9r
Effective protection against phishing attacks – a case study at Guildford College: KHIPU Zero Vulnerability Infrastructure.pdf (could not be inserted)