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Evergreen Is The New Black: Succeeding in the 0365 Ecosystem

Louise Howard

Griffith University

Background: In late 2017 Griffith University established a strategic partnership with Microsoft, the first of its kind for an Australian University. In 2018, as one of the first initiatives in this partnership Griffith successfully migrated more than 7000 staff and 65,000 students from Google to Microsoft ’s O365 Productivity suite.

Methods: The presentation is a single institution case study of the implementation of O365 in a large Australian University, with a focus on the selected governance approach, rapid deployment and adapted model for managing ICT change in an evergreen environment.

Findings/Discussion: In a world of increasing cybersecurity threats and a hyper focus on information privacy Griffith University is finding ways to address the challenge of balancing functionality maximisation, establishing appropriate governance and ensuring a positive end-user experience.

While already operating within a cloud platform, Griffith University decided that during the migration from Google to the O365 Productivity suite Griffith staff and students would be combined into a single Microsoft tenancy. This approach has created exciting opportunities for reshaping pedagogical and research collaboration experiences while posing new information governance challenges for the University. While the migration was a major technological undertaking, Griffith approached the project as a digital enabler, creating opportunities to deliver no-code and low code tools to citizen developers
and expanding the digital capability of academics, students and researchers. An enterprise wide cross- representational approach to decision making was established early in the project, successfully enabling agile configuration and governance decisions to occur throughout the project.

The evergreen environment of the O365 space is now driving an evolution in the speed and approach to ICT changes and decision making. Our approach positions the University to leverage our technology investment to support Griffith’s Digital Strategy and implement initiatives based on AI and analytics.

This presentation will share the lessons learned through the migration and explore how Griffith is managing emerging challenges and adapting internal models to succeed in the new digital ecosystem.

(A copy of this presentation is unfortunately not available).