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CAUDIT Webinar: Outpost24 - Live Hacking Event

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015



10 June 2015 | 1:00pm AEST | 1 Hour


Security vendors promise their solutions will protect your critical infrastructure from cyber criminals’ attacks. However, news headlines would suggest that despite the investments, hackers still have the upper hand.  Outpost24 takes the practical approach – hack yourself before someone else does. We will walk you through how attacks happen in real life, what the consequences of these attacks often are, and most importantly, how these attacks can be efficiently blocked. 

Win a hacker for a day: One attendee’s organisation will be chosen at random to receive 1 free day of our tame hackers time to assess their network security.

Outpost24 is a leading Vulnerability Management company providing best- in-class solutions to help users identify and mitigate weaknesses in their network.  With more than 40 locations worldwide, Outpost24 collectively scans over 400 million IP addresses weekly and detects more than 12 thousand vulnerabilities on a daily basis. More than 2,500 companies around the world trust Outpost24 to protect their networks..


Simon Rawet
Secure Web Application Tactics Analyst

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