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Enterprise Architecture Community Terms of Reference


The CAUDIT Enterprise Architecture (EA) Community of Practice (CoP) exists to improve the value of enterprise architecture to higher education and research institutions.  The focus of the community is to share knowledge and build professional relationships. The community will also provide the means by which members can organise and coordinate efforts to solve common problems and share those solutions with the wider community through CAUDIT.


Membership of this community is open to employees of;

  • CAUDIT member organisations, and,
  • organisations related to higher education and research from CAUDIT strategic partners (For example; AAF, REANNZ, Universities Australia, and New Zealand Ministry of Education).  Note: Membership is not open to commercial organisations such as technology vendors and consulting firms.

Community Members will have a work-related interest in the practice and value of enterprise architecture. No positions or job titles will be specified as a prerequisite for membership.

Members will be asked to reaffirm their membership on an annual basis.


The Aims of the EA Community are:

  1. Promote the value of enterprise architecture within CAUDIT member institutions.
  2. Identify and develop ways of applying enterprise architecture to the specific needs of higher education and research organisations.
  3. Develop and publish shared reference architectures, models and practice guidelines for use by CAUDIT member organisations.
  4. Contribute to the peer review of enterprise architecture practices as applied to higher education and to promote and propagate good practice throughout the higher education sector.
  5. Actively support and assist any community working groups or other initiatives by fulfilling whenever possible requests for feedback and information.

How the Community Operates

The CAUDIT Enterprise Architecture CoP will pursue the aims of the Community via three primary means of managed participation:

  1. Informal sharing and professional networking supported by a members-only social networking platform.
  2. A community Organising Committee and self-organising working groups.
  3. An annual Symposium on Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education, that will have it’s own Organising Committee.

Each of these modes will have an operating charter and Community activity by other means or channels is not restricted or proscribed by these Terms of Reference.


The CAUDIT Enterprise Architecture CoP is a self-governing body. It will manage its activities through the following mechanisms:

  • A CoP Organising Committee.
  • The Organising Committee for the annual Symposium on Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education.
  • Self-established working groups

The CoP Organising Committee:

The CoP Organising Committee shall be comprised of at least ten members of the CoP.

The CoP’s Organising Committee’s represents the general community and will carry out any work required for the CoP to comply with the CAUDIT Policy for Supporting Communities of Practice, including:

  • Keeping the membership roll of the community up to date.
  • Maintaining the CoP’s social networking and collaboration services.
  • Reporting to CAUDIT on the activities of the community.
  • Advising on and approving use of community funds.
  • Informing the general community of relevant initiatives, activities and events.
  • Producing and maintaining the community’s operational charters.
  • Seeking and communicating consensus on the overall direction and development of the community.

Participation on the Organising Committee is voluntary and open to any community member willing and able to contribute to its work.

Members of the Organising Committee are expected to meet at least three times each year by electronic means and shall also meet in person once a year at the time and location of the annual Symposium.

The Organising Committee shall have a voluntary Chair and Deputy Chair.. Those roles shall be assigned by consensus at the committee meeting at the annual Symposium (or online as necessary).

The Symposium Organising Committee

The general Community will gather each year for a Symposium on Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education.  The CoP Organising Committee will be responsible for procuring hosts for each Symposium from among CAUDIT member organisations.

Each host will establish and chair a Symposium organising committee for the event they are hosting.

The Symposium Organising Committee will include at least one member of the CoP Organising Committee.

The Chair of the Symposium committee may include on the Symposium committee people who are not members of the enterprise architecture CoP if its felt that their contribution will enhance the value to the event.

Decisions on the objectives, theme and content of each Symposium should be restricted to those Symposium committee members who are members of the Enterprise Architecture CoP.

Working Groups

Members of the community may at times organise themselves into formal working groups.

To do so, they will;

  • provide the CoP Organising Committee a statement of purpose and membership list, and,
  • provide a means for ensuring their activity is visible to the whole CoP.

Working groups may apply to the CoP Organising Committee to use community funds for defined projects. The CoP Organising Committee and representatives of CAUDIT will then;

  • work with the group to establish controls and accountability appropriate to the proposed activity, and,
  • communicate the group’s goals, and the proposed controls, to the wider community and establish consensus on the allocation of funds.



 Endorsed by the CAUDIT Executive Committee
Approved:                                       CAUDIT Executive Committee
Reference:                                       Executive Meeting Minutes for the meeting held on 15th June 2016