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Enhancing Technology Innovation Through Diversity of Thought

Innovation and digital transformation are terms that we hear extensively in the IT space.  In University IT teams we are often talking about digital innovation and how we can use technology to create that competitive edge and develop the “University of the Future”, the digital campus. Research has shown that to create greater diversity of thought and innovation, organisations need to have diverse teams. The NZ National Advisory Council for the Employment of Women states:  “It’s vital for New Zealand’s economic future that women participate fully in innovation”.

Through multi-culturalism, gender, diverse backgrounds, innovation can blossom. In the IT industry, which is a male dominated industry (18-25% women in developed countries), the key area of focus and research has been on gender diversity and the impact of increasing the % women in IT.  In this presentation, I will discuss the importance of diversity, provide an overview of initiatives from Australia and NZ and some ideas on how to increase gender diversity in your IT teams.