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Engaging Staff With Program Redesign and Blended Learning in Two Large Scale Institutional Projects

Ms Rosemary Borland, Dr Sonia Wilkie, Ms Tania McDonald

Victoria University


In Australia, many universities have taken on initiatives to implement blended learning in recent years and many have grappled with how to engage staff in the process. The impact in terms of building the capability of staff to engage with the active learning approaches which blended learning can facilitate has o en been disappointing.

Anonymous University has embarked on two such projects, both focused on embedding blended learning and blended learning approaches into program delivery across the institution. This paper compares the strategies and processes that have been used in these projects to support the design and development of blended learning units and to engender staff motivation to engage with the process and develop their capability in each case. We focus on the outcomes in terms of moving the university towards a mainstream adoption of blended learning methodologies.