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Elevate the Student Experience With Ruckus Smart Campus Solutions

Carl Jefferys

Ruckus Wireless Inc

Around the globe, college and university IT departments trust Ruckus to help them deliver lightning-fast, reliable wireless and wired connectivity everywhere on campus. Now, we’re helping higher education leaders build new smart solutions and experiences to create the campus of the future. This amounts to retaining and attracting students.

A Smart Campus starts with ubiquitous, reliable wired and wireless connectivity, indoors and out. It includes management solutions, network intelligence and location-based services to create a uni ed system that brings intelligence and decision-making closer to users and devices, and gives administrators the technology to make the campus safer and more e client.  

Inside residence halls, lecture halls, and other campus buildings, universities can use IoT technologies to give students and staff more personalised control of their environments. At the same time, they can implement broader Smart Campus use cases (building control

and automation, smart water and power controls, smart parking and transit solutions) to lower costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and become the model of a “green” campus. The first step in taking advantage of these Smart Campus use cases is having ubiquitous, reliable connectivity everywhere on campus, indoors and out. Once you do, you can give students in residence halls a smart home away from home. You can make your campus greener and more e client. And now, you can use that same underlying infrastructure to deliver all manner of new services and experiences that elevate life on campus.

The campus of tomorrow promises an amazing educational experience. Digital curriculum can better engage students and help educators be more impactful. But they also create new challenges for colleges and their overtaxed IT teams managing and maintaining an effective physical and Cyber security environment. Ruckus Networks will discuss how

the IT team of the future can leverage the latest wi standards, IOT integration and build a password free network to demonstrate frictionless IT engagement.