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ecoEd: Integrating Digital Tools for Environmental Sciences in Tertiary Education

Initiative Overview

ecoEd is an innovative training and skills development program for university lecturers, researchers and industry professionals. The program is developed to enhance the integration of digital research infrastructures into tertiary education.

These infrastructures are Australia’s premier online platforms and virtual laboratories for access, visualisation and analysis of biological and environmental data. While these platforms are readily available to researchers, uptake and integration into university teaching is hampered by the steep learning curve for academics to not only understand the science but also the navigation through a suite of different digital tools available.

Current practice sees that only academics who use these platforms for their own research feel confident enough to include them in their teaching practices, limiting exposure of students to the new technologies that can enhance research and management practices.

ecoEd aims to overcome this barrier by providing ready-to-use lectures, workshop modules, and practical guides that combine theoretical concepts with real-world applications, covering topics from data quality and ecology to spatial analysis and environmental management.

These teaching materials enable easy uptake by university lecturers and integration of digital research infrastructures in university courses. ecoEd delivers extensive training to ecoEd Champions providing them with the resources and knowledge required so that they can confidently re-deliver the teaching program in their own institutions. In doing so, ecoEd is enabling first-rate science education using modern technologies to teach and upskill the next generation of environmental scientists and managers.   

ecoEd: Integrating Digital Tools for Environmental Sciences in Tertiary Education