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Progress in planning ea2018 is well in hand, with dates now confirmed. The Symposium will be held from the 19th to the 21st of November 2018 at Curtin University with the overarching theme of “Enterprise Architecture - Leading Innovation”. Each of the three days will focus on specific areas related to evolving our practice, ourselves as practitioners, and how we can be more effective as part of broader teams. We will also continue to reserve a fourth day as the unconference to have as an optional day of broad, unstructured, valuable discussion and collaboration on our challenges and opportunities.

The ea2018 website with more information about the Symposium is being now refreshed, and can be viewed at --- further communications about the ea2018 Symposium will soon be produced.  In the meantime, we encourage all members of the Enterprise Architecture community, and other interested parties, to set aside the dates above and plan to assemble at Curtin in November.


Expressions of interest are invited to host ea2019, next year’s CAUDIT Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education Symposium.  A letter has been prepared for dispatch to the CIOs and IT Directors of all CAUDIT member organisations, and to be shared with the community of practice Yammer network and Google Group.

Hosting the Symposium is a hugely-worthwhile undertaking, and provides an opportunity to showcase your university and your enterprise architecture practice.  Anybody interested in hosting next year’s Symposium should approach the co-chairs of the EA Community of Practice: Nigel Foxwell (James Cook University, and jeff kennedy (The University of Auckland,

HERM Refresh

The CAUDIT Higher Education Reference Models working group has just published a the first revision to the Business Reference Model capabilities and their descriptions. This will be made available to the CAUDIT EA community for review and consultation prior to being formalised and published through the CAUDIT website. Through the regular discussions and contribution from the group, it is clear that a significant number of universities are continuing to expand the use of the models in support of things such as application portfolio reviews and strategic roadmap development, which is a great demonstration of value.

As the working group looks to wrapping up the major focus on the Business Reference Model, attention turns to reviewing and refining the Data Reference Model. Again, a number of universities have picked this up and made significant use of it and the working group may change membership slightly so that those with working experience of the models can contribute their lessons learned to their ongoing enhancement.

With ongoing work on the development of a dedicated EA in HE website, we are also looking to see how we can best make available the supporting information and documentation surrounding the models, whilst ensuring we meet our custodial obligations.


Enterprise Architecture Community

There is a definite feeling that the EA Community is communicating more actively and engaging more frequently on the back of our regular community and working group online meetings. Each of the online congregations held this year have attracted more than twenty active participants, and the discussions have proven to be engaged and worthwhile, in addition to updates on community business.