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EA Update December 2019

Enterprise Architecture Community

Reflecting on the year that is rapidly drawing to a close, I can truly say that our community has again exceeded expectations regarding our goals of improving the value of EA to higher education and research institutions, sharing knowledge, building professional relationships and working together to solve common problems with the wider community through CAUDIT. On behalf of the CoP Chairs and CAUDIT, I would like to thank everyone who participated in an online congregation, one of our online “fiestas”, came to the symposium, or provided challenges, experience, and support through the Yammer group. 

This year we have had a number of highlights including: 

  • The release of version 2.0 of the CAUDIT Business Reference Model

  • Continued global uptake and recognition of the CAUDIT Reference Models

  • Another amazing EA Symposium at Massey University

  • An amazing 29 new members of the EA in HE community! 

  • Yammer group activity is very healthy: 178 active users (up 50%), 609 posts (up 87%), and 15,000 reads (up 217%)!!

Community Leadership

This year, Sarah Ellison and Nigel Foxwell filled the co-chair positions for the community. Unfortunately for us, Sarah has decided to move on from her role at Massey University and finished up just at the completion of this year’s symposium. In her short time in the role, Sarah brought her amazing ideas, enthusiasm, and organising skills to the role and left us in a better place, and we thank her for all of her efforts.

Nominations for the vacant role were called for and during the community AGM in November, Karen Modena from LaTrobe University was confirmed as the new co-chair. We look forward to Karen helping us to steer the community into 2020.

We still look forward to progressing our two key community initiatives - the EA swap, and the US Study Tour. More information is available by contacting Nigel or Karen. 


Another year, and another great Enterprise Architecture Symposium. Hosted by Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand, the three day Symposium ran from the 18th to the 20th of November, with our customary “unconference day” on the 21st. 

Jeff Kennedy summed up this year’s symposium for a session with our ITANA colleagues in the US, and I think it is a perfect summary:  

"The community has had a lot of people come and go across the fourteen years of its existence, but its essence has strengthened to become an extraordinarily warm, supportive, and practice-oriented group.  First-time participants report being made to feel welcome and included. Every year there is fresh recognition of the fascinating balance between common challenges, diverse environments, and the broad spread of approaches, ideas, and practices to create valued and effective architecture practices in higher education."

All of the presentations will be available for CAUDIT members on the CAUDIT website shortly.

HERM Refresh

The core working group continues to progress the Data Reference Model refresh. We have been reviewing some significant changes and ensuring that we maintain the value and useability of the model. This essentially means that we have consolidated a number of entities into a common high-level view, and done our best to ensure we have consistency  the right breadth of coverage of entities relevant to our constituents. An update presentation was made during the symposium in November, and some further community consultation and review will be done shortly. We are looking to have a new model finalised for publication early in the new year. 

We continue to see examples of various institutions are using the models and so we look forward to more feedback coming from the community on opportunities for improvement and also sharing with others how they can be used.



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