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Duck, Duck, Goose: The Waterbirds of Wollongong

Holly Parsons

Birdlife Australia

Ducks are probably the most iconic wildlife on the University of Wollongong campus, there is even the ‘Duck Pond Lawn’. Plentiful and sometimes a little pushy, there are both native and domestic ducks that call the University home. But how much do we know about the ducks and other waterbirds that live in the Wollongong region?

The native birds are not just your average farmyard duck. There are some that nest in tree hollows, others with colourful bills and wild feathers and even one named because of it’s smell. With data collected by thousands of citizen scientists feeding into web- based databases alongside large scale aerial surveys recorded from planes, we are now understanding that conditions not only at a local level like the University campus or even the regional scale, but across great swathes of inland Australia can impact dramatically on population numbers of Australian waterbirds including those seen on campus.