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Does Adaption Through Innovation Drive New Business Operating Models?

Mr Stuart Hildyard

La Trobe University


Innovation is hard and La Trobe has traditionally lagged behind other Australian universities who have invested in uplifting their Innovation capabilities over the last 5 years. However, to enable the University strategy 2018-2022 the Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) team has specifically created a funding stream to focus on Innovation using emerging technologies and / or vendor partnerships to drive the opportunity for new business models.

The funding has allowed us to take a human centred design (HCD) approach for technology concepts that support and enable digitisation. Initiatives that potentially add value to the organisation are supported through 4-12 week Proof of Concepts (PoC) and have included trials for Business / data analytics to support university space utilisation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and a HCD initiative
for customer service. Current proposals include a vendor partnership for machine learning and artificial intelligence to bene t models around student success and retention.

Outcomes with our initiatives to date have included:

  • The data analytics PoC being funded as a project into 2019,

  • Executive support for further RPA investment,

  • An establishment of a cross-functional business and ICT team for ongoing student system/s support and |continuous delivery.

  • Embracing HCD as critical in our new “ways of working” to support the La Trobe Cultural Qualities and drive engagement.

    Also the design of the new proposed operating model in ICT includes investment to establish innovation leadership and a dedicated team that will keep abreast of new and emerging technologies or trial new ways of delivering outcomes with existing technologies.

    Direct bene ts for La Trobe include a pathway to experiment with new and emerging technologies and the ability to learn quickly how, and if, new technologies can be applied to improve student and staff experience, automate lengthy processes or improve productivity. This means the time to implement services of value is reduced with Innovation exploited and aligned to the University strategic plan for right speed delivery.