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Dimensions The Next Generation Approach To Data Discovery

Ms Anne Harvey

Digital Science


The research landscape exists in silos, o en split by proprietary tools and databases that do not meet the needs of the institutions they were developed for. These tools have taxonomies and
classifications that are specific to the specific tool and database in use.
What if we could change that? In this session we’ll showcase Dimensions: a platform developed by

Digital Science in collaboration with over 100 research organisations around the world to provide a more complete view of research from idea to impact. The vision to realise a modern research infrastructure like Dimensions has lived within Digital Science since its inception in 2009. As with all the initiatives from Digital Science, broad community involvement was an essential part of making this big idea into a scalable and robust reality.Six Digital Science por olio companies (Readcube, Altmetric, Figshare, Symplec c, DS Consultancy and ÜberResearch) decided to take on the new Dimensions project together in 2011.

We’ll discuss how the data now available enables institutions to more easily gather the insights they need to inform the most effective development of their organisation’s activities, and look at how linking different sections of the scholarly ecosystem (including grants, publications, patents, data and policy documents) can deliver powerful results that can then be integrated into existing systems and workflows through the use of APIs and other applications, reducing time, increasing efficiencies, with data driven insights for the strategic decision making process.

Dimensions has the ability to explore institutional links to industry, both national and international collaboration and providing different search and discovery methods to truly access an area of interest.

Dimensions provides a range of metrics and also includes Altmetric attention, giving a broader view on how research is disseminated and consumed throughout the community.

In keeping with the theme of “Future ready and the new reality” Dimensions is a great example of what the next generation of discovery of research. we’ll explore how the Dimensions approach to re-imagining discovery and access to research will transform the scholarly landscape, and the opportunities it presents for the research community.