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Digital Scholarship services and support; the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the Library?

Research practice continues to evolve, technology is advancing at a rapid pace and the volume of digital research data produced is unprecedented in human history.  To add complexity to the equation, legislative requirements are being introduced to make data and research output available in open ways to be accountable for public funding.  It is within this context the Academic Library is well positioned with its foundation as a keeper and curator of knowledge to support and add value to the research endeavor.  While many of the traditional roles in the Library are still relevant, it is clear that new skills and capability are required to be responsive (and proactive) to the needs of institutional researchers.

At the University of Melbourne Library, we have looked closely at what value we can bring to the research endeavor in a meaningful and sustainable manner and over the last three years have incrementally built specific expertise, services and capability. This presentation will look at our journey and approach to responding to the needs of researchers.  In an environment characterized by resource constraints we have found innovation is a prerequisite to explore alternative modes to deliver services, build distributed capability across our library workforce in new areas of expertise as well as focus on development of a core group of extreme experts in key areas.  Most recently we have introduced new services and support in the areas of digital scholarship, data forensics and data curation services, 3d scanning and moved to a collaborative or partnership model of delivery to enhance support.