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Development of Educational Technology Hub at the University of Auckland

An Educational Technology Hub was developed for the university’s teaching staff to share technologies used to enhance teaching and learning practices at the University of Auckland.

The presentation will focus on the development of the Hub, including the information gathering processes, paper and online prototype development, usability testing and findings, platform comparison and selection, as well as the collaboration between faculty teaching staff members, Libraries and Learning Service and Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education (CleaR) with a shared goals.

In 2015, a Libraries and Learning Services staff member undertook a research project on learning and teaching technologies at the University of Auckland.  She interviewed 37 teaching staff including 15 Professional Teaching Fellows (PTFs)/Senior Tutors, 11 Lecturers/Senior Lecturers, 8 Associate Professors and 3 staff members from faculty eLearning units.

The research found that teaching staff have used many different types of educational technologies in their teaching and enhancing student learning experience.  All faculty teaching staff interviewed expressed that they are willing to share their experiences of using technologies. However, they felt that a community of interest for staff using technology in teaching and learning has limited presence or lack of centralised resource at the University of Auckland.

Based on the findings from that research, an Educational Technology Hub project was established and endorsed by the University Teaching and Learning Quality Committee. The project team consists of the researcher (as the project lead), 3 faculty teaching staff, and design team to enhance the impact. The project owner is the University Director of Learning and Teaching. This is a truly collaborative project.

A user-centred learning approach (Abras et al., 2004) has been applied to the entire process of the Hub development. At this presentation, we will share our experience of the user-centred design approach, discuss the collaborative process of the Hub development, including various aspects of user centred learning approach:


●    Establishing the Hub structure
●    Developing paper and online prototypes of the hub and conducting usability testing
●    Brainstorming and deciding the most suitable platform for the hub
●    Developing a video template for all videos
●    Working with the university Media Production team to record short videos on how teaching staff have used technologies
●    Making recommendations on how the hub can be contributed by teaching staff in a long term
●    Deciding how the hub can be maintained in both short and long terms
●    Promoting the Hub throughout the University

In the end, we will discuss the lessons learnt from this development process and recommendations to others.

Abras, C., Maloney-Krichmar, D., Preece, J. (2004). User-Centered Design. In Bainbridge, W. Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 37(4), 445-456.