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Developing The Smart Campus Through Intelligent Analytics and Insights

Rohan Saldanha


Bio: As Institutes embrace new capabilities unleashed by such technologies as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things, innovative new learning, operating and business models built on intelligence and connectivity are being created. Cisco is committed to helping Institutes succeed in this time of transition, innovating and partnering to harness the astonishing value creation opportunities digital adoption presents.

Our people, technology, and partners help society to securely connect and to seize tomorrow’s astonishing digital opportunities today—over 80 percent of the world’s internet tra c runs on Cisco’s network. Abstract: The Smart Campus is a Connected Campus, providing visibility of People, Places and Things, and an understanding of how they interact. Learn how your existing network can help Facilities and Faculties better understand how space and assets are utilised by staff and students. With real examples of how Universities in Australia and around the world are leveraging location for analytics and applications, this session examines not just what is possible, but what is actually being deployed today. Explore how the University wireless infrastructure can enable much more than just basic network connectivity, and instead deliver Insights and Experiences to change the way your staff works and your students learn.

(A copy of this presentation is unfortunately not available).