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Definitions of Data Elements

For a benchmarking system to be considered viable and credible to its users it is paramount to ensure the data provided by each participant is based on the same parameters and assumptions. These need to be understood and applied consistently by information providers. This document is designed to assist CAUDIT Members in applying these principles for the annual CAUDIT Benchmarking Survey.

The purpose of the CAUDIT Benchmarking Survey is to collect data on IT activity within the higher education institution as a whole, not just the IT under the direct control of the designated institutional head of IT titled variously as Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director or Director of IT.

Underpinning the CAUDIT benchmarking process is the Scope of IT at institutions. This defines the content and coverage of the information gathering and reporting process.

The Scope of IT encompasses all IT activity within an institution as a whole, regardless of source of funding or funding delegation, to enable comparisons across the higher education sector.

Updaters please note that the new 2016 data element IT Staff Gender Diversity is headcount based. The data is to include all IT staff, including casual and contract staff that are not administrative e.g. finance, HR, as at the Census date 31 March 2015.

[Last Updated 20160429]