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Deakin Genie

Initiative Overview

Deakin University recently rolled out a mobile application that has completely transformed teaching and learning. ‘Deakin Genie’ is a virtual, personal assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence with machine learning capabilities, to enhance the tertiary experience and inspire learning.     

The ground-breaking app offers an intuitive, digital companion which provides students and staff with everything they need to succeed at Deakin, in an engaging, personalised platform. Designed to ensure users have 24/7 access to support, ‘Genie’ harnesses the latest in emerging technology to give a sense of organisation and control throughout University life.

Truly capturing the concept of innovation and what it means to digitally transform an industry, ‘Genie’ disrupts traditional teaching and learning approaches, makes life easier and brings tertiary education into the future with Artificial Intelligence.

Deakin University is committed to being a global leader in digital innovation and ‘Genie’ is a clear demonstration of this. It is a transformational agent for student services, learning support and success. 

The personalised digital assistant proactively engages and guides staff and students through study, life at Deakin University and beyond. It prepares staff and graduates for a ‘post-digital’ future where chat bots and virtual assistants will augment most professions.

Key project objectives are to: 

  • Improve student engagement and satisfaction with University services and learning experiences.   
  • Develop applied expertise with forms of machine intelligence that will become a core part of future pedagogy, creating early competitive differentiation.   
  • Establish a modern, scalable digital foundation to support strategic innovation of the education and business model.

Deakin Genie