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Deakin Freelanching Hub: Delighting Students and Clients, The Nexus Between Academia and Professional Services

Mr Toby Durden

Deakin University

The presentation introduces the Deakin FreelancingHUB concept, the importance and relevance of experiential learning and how professional services can support and contribute to the student experience, prepare emerging graduates for the workplace and contribute to the University’s good standing in the communities it serves.

Over the last 18 months Deakin’s Graduate Employment Division has developed the Deakin FreelancingHUB as a mechanism for aspiring students to get real-world project management experience whilst studying. Participation in the Deakin FreelancingHUB allows selected students to earn academic credit whilst working directly with an external client (suitably attired and conducting themselves in a professional manner) and being mentored by an industry professional.

Specifically the Deakin FreelancingHUB model re- enforces the theory of Project Management, how it is applied in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team and for a real client.

The model ensures a relevant, contemporary, and authentic learning experience through engaging industry experts to guide and mentor teams of students to deliver a pragmatic and creative solution to a real-world problem or opportunity.