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Data Storytelling - Creating & Highlighting Research Impact

Mrs Kylie Poulton
1, Miss Amanda Miotto1,2

1Griffith University, 2QCIF


Background: The Australian Government’s Engagement and Impact (EI) assessment, incentivises researchers to engage outside academia and the engagement narratives required for the EI assessment need to be written for panel members that might be unfamiliar with a researchers eld of work. Researchers are also communicating their research impact to wider audiences through channels such as The Conversation, blogs and podcasts.

At the same time, the ever increasing number of visualisation tools has created opportunities for researchers to explore methods of transforming their research data into compelling and impactful visuals. Discussion: But how do researchers turn complex ideas, research findings and visuals into a message that non-experts can understand? And how can researchers add meaning and context to their data and visualisations?

A study by Stanford professor Chip Heath found that during the recall of speeches, 63% of people remember stories and how they made them feel, however only 5% remember a single statistic .
Data storytelling training can help researchers construct stories that incite an emotional response and create meaning and understanding for the audience.

This presentation will explore how at Griffith University, eResearch specialists and librarians have collaborated to create data storytelling workshops - practical hands-on sessions that combine the three elements of data, visuals and narrative to construct a meaningful and memorable story about their research. Participants are also introduced to a range of visualisation tools and have the opportunity to get “hands-on” with map overlays or text analysis. It will be of interest to librarians, eResearch specialists, researchers, and anyone interested in data storytelling, researcher training and visualisation tools as well as IT and library staff who report to various “non-expert” service stakeholders.