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Data for Reviewing Teaching and Learning (Reporting Suite)

Initiative Overview

The University of Wollongong (UOW) Data for Reviewing Teaching and Learning Reporting project delivered a suite of seven comprehensive strategic reports and interactive dashboards to support the new Teaching & Learning criteria and Assessment Policy changes.

The Information Management Unit (IMU) collaborated with key stakeholders across the university to develop a consolidated automated data solution to facilitate the following; 

  • The generation of data sets to support evidence-based reviews of student results across all teaching locations, modes, subjects and courses. This replaces an inconsistent manual process that required full data replication for each analysis.   
  • Ensuring that UOW is compliant with TEQSA requirements and internal policies.   
  • The reduction of the administrative burden on academic staff, not only providing efficiencies but also guaranteed consistency and data integrity. 
  • Ensuring quality accessible data for multiple stakeholders on Learning & Teaching processes and purposes (i.e Assessment Committees, Course and Subject Reviews, Collaborative Delivery reviews, Comparative Student Outcomes). 

Utilising new (Tableau) and existing (Cognos) technologies these reports have armed users with the ability to self-service with the added benefit of data exploration and interactivity. By leveraging existing data assets in the Enterprise Data Warehouse, IMU were able to provide a consolidated solution to complex data across various specialised areas and also enabled visualisation of KPIs and data trends.

University decision-makers have gained greater insight into their course, subject and student performance, which ultimately provides the ability to monitor and increase quality of courses and subjects offered along with unprecedented access to student performance, retention and satisfaction results and trends.

Data for Reviewing Teaching and Learning (Reporting Suite)