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Benchmarking Data Collection

Annually CAUDIT requests Members to enter benchmarking data into the CAUDIT Benchmarking System to provide selected information for the Annual CAUDIT Benchmarking Report presented at the CAUDIT Spring Members Meeting.

The 2019 CAUDIT Benchmarking data collection is closed

Please contact Steven Wojnarowski by email at or mobile +61 411 022 249 if you have any queries on your institution's 2019 Benchmarking data submission.

2019 Schedule

2019 Benchmarking Schedule as at 19 March 2019

Updater Webinar Available 

Updater 2019 Webinar held on 17 April 2019 [Unedited version] 


2019 CAUDIT Benchmarking Documentation

Both 2019 Benchmarking data collection reference documents -  the Updaters Checklist and the Scope of IT  and Definitions of Data Elements are available below

2019 Data Extraction Tools

For individual year data extraction both the Benchmarking Data Extract and Profile Extract tools have been updated and available for direct download of the 2018 Benchmarking data elements for your preliminary analysis. 

Please note the current data is still being verified and subject to change until the 2019 Annual Benchmarking Report is released in Q3 2019.

For any queries please contact Steven Wojnarowski, Director Analytics and Strategic Initiatives on +61 411 022 249 or email

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