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Benchmarking Data Collection

Annually CAUDIT requests Members to enter benchmarking data into the CAUDIT Benchmarking System to provide selected information for the Annual CAUDIT Benchmarking Report presented at the CAUDIT Spring Members Meeting.

2021 CAUDIT Benchmarking data collection

The 2021 CAUDIT Benchmarking data collection is now closed off.

2021 Data Collection Schedule


References for the 2021 Data Collection 

The three key references of Instructions for New Updaters, Updaters Checklist and Definitions of Data Elements, for the 2021 data collection are being progressively updated.  All registered 2021 Updaters will be notified on their release.

Introducing the 2021 Benchmarking Data Collection Webinar

The 35 minute video recording of the 2021 Updaters' Webinar held on Tuesday 13 April 2021 can be viewed at this link 2021 Updater Webinar

Access the CAUDIT Benchmarking System

Access to the CAUDIT Benchmarking system is restricted to registered staff within the IT division of CAUDIT Members.

To commence the registration process please proceed to log onto the system below and a registration alert will be generated. On confirmation from the Member representative you will then be registered with access. 



For any queries please contact Steven Wojnarowski, Director Analytics and Strategic Initiatives on +61 411 022 249 or email

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