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Cybersecurity Terms of Reference

Cybersecurity Community of Practice
Terms of Reference


The CAUDIT Cybersecurity Community of Practice (CoP) serves as both a strategic and functional vehicle. Engagement by the CoP will focus on trends, risks, threats, impacts, controls and good practices associated with all aspects of cybersecurity related to people, process and technology.

The group operates as a collaborative work unit and seeks to provide a forum to formally and informally share experiences, knowledge and skills amongst member institutions, and to capture opportunities and make recommendations on good practice and improvements through this process.


The CAUDIT Cybersecurity Community of Practice is a group represented by constituents from CAUDIT Member institutions. The CoP at its discretion may invite representation from related stakeholders including (but not limited to): AusCERT, Australian Access Federation (AAF) and Australian Academic Research Network (AARNet) where the representation provides added value to the group.

Established under the general direction of CAUDIT, the CoP is self-governing with a voluntary Chair and Deputy Chair, and members each holding an IT related position relevant to cybersecurity. Membership of the CoP is open to staff of CAUDIT member institutions.


The CoP members are responsible for fulfilling the following terms of reference:

  1. Promote increased awareness and understanding of the state of cybersecurity and associated issues within the group, as well as more broadly within member institutions.
  2. Support the mission of Universities by maintaining a continuously improving Community of Practice in relation to cybersecurity services in the research and higher education sector; sharing knowledge, skills, expertise, experiences, plans, policies, procedures and practices.
  3. Conduct and report on specific research as required on identified cybersecurity trends, risks, threats, impacts and controls as well as future disruption and control scenarios.
  4. Open Access Repository – Publish and make available any artefacts produced by the Community of Practice.
  5. Identify and undertake CAUDIT approved collaborative and learning initiatives likely to improve overall cybersecurity effectiveness. Specifically, to improve the provision and general governance of cybersecurity processes and practices for the benefit of member institutions.
  6. Provide a single cohesive and integrated national higher education reference point for Australian and New Zealand University cybersecurity representation, with the aim of broader representation, collaboration and integration with other national and international initiatives as appropriate.

How the Community Operates

The CAUDIT Cybersecurity CoP will meet at least quarterly, with interim meetings by agreement. Meetings will be a combination of face-to-face and videoconference format. Additional meetings will be scheduled as required.

In addition to formal meetings, the group will seek to collaborate digitally via email or other collaborative work tools. Where required, support for project activities will be shared amongst the group members. This may include logistical support for meetings, maintaining separate email lists and/or collaborative work tools and keeping notes of meetings.

The group shall report to CAUDIT on activities and progress as required.

(Endorsed by the CAUDIT Executive Committee 5th August 2015)