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Cybersecurity News

This page is dedicated to news articles from the Cybersecurity Community of Practice

12 Apr 2016

Tim Lane, Manager, Client Services and Security, Southern Cross University and Chair of the CAUDIT Cybersecurity Community, spoke at the CAUDIT Autumn Members Meeting on Thursday 7th April 2016.

01 Mar 2016

EDUCAUSE is hosting the 14th Annual Security Professionals Conference on 18-20 April 2016, at the Westin Seattle Hotel in Seattle, Washington.

The theme for the conference is Data, Intelligence, Risk and Value: Security and Privacy in Higher Ed. More information is available at the conference website (

01 Oct 2015

A site visit to AusCERT was undertaken on Tuesday 1st September, followed by the QUDIT ICT Security CoP Meeting and a higher education security workshop at QUT on Wednesday 2nd September.  8 Universities participated in the workshop (ACU, CQU, Federation, Griffith, JCU, QUT, SCU and UQ).  

The workshop identified 4 main areas of findings representing both challenges and required responses, summarized as:

06 Aug 2015

The CAUDIT Cybersecurity Community serves as both a strategic and functional vehicle. Engagement by the CoP will focus on trends, risks, threats, impacts, controls and good practices associated with all aspects of cybersecurity related to people, process and technology.

16 Jun 2015

It is planned to organise a site visit to AusCERT at University of QLD sometime soon after the 14th July for about 2 or so hours, followed by lunch....

16 Jun 2015

The CAUDIT Cybersecurity Community of Practice (CoP) is a group represented by constituents predominantly from Australian and New Zealand institutions and organisations.  Formed in April 2015 the Community Chair: is  Tim Lane, Griffith University.

The name was established with the term cybersecurity reflecting the expanding interdependencies and impacts of traditional internal IT security and its relationship with global cybersecurity interconnectedness.