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Cybersecurity News

This page is dedicated to news articles from the Cybersecurity Community of Practice

31 Oct 2017

It has been a busy month for the CAUDIT Cybersecurity Community with participation in the Cybersecurity Day at the CAUDIT Spring Members Meeting, a site visit to the Brisbane based CERT Joint Cyber Security Centre (JCSC) and an invitation to participate as a panellilst on the University of Otago's formal review of its information security office.

02 Jun 2017

Tim Lane (SCU) and Ashley Deuble (Griffith) attended the EDUCAUSE Cybersecurity conference in Denver recently. With approximately 600 attendees, mainly represented from the USA and Canada...

02 Jun 2017

Tim Lane from Southern Cross University was awarded the 2017 AusCERT Individual Excellence in Information Security...

02 Jun 2017

A well-attended BoF session at the recent AusCERT conference provided an opportunity to update on ISAC activities, the MISP trial and a general gathering opportunity for networking and collaboration...

23 Apr 2017

Tim Lane (SCU) and Ashley Deuble (Griffith) are continuing to work with the CoP to progress a range of initiatives in support of a Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC) related functions...

03 Apr 2017

Tim Lane (SCU) and Ashley Deuble (Griffith Uni) attended and presented last week at the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) conference in Canberra a paper titled ‘Cyber Security Intelligence Sharing in the Australian University Sector’.

30 Jan 2017

Chair of the CAUDIT Cybersecurity Community of Practice, Tim Lane (SCU) attended an invited event by ACS to a Cybersecurity round table...

02 Nov 2016

AusCERT ISAC proposal - an informal working party has been formed via the CoP and continues to meet regularly with AusCERT via Zoom to input and monitor progress on the AusCERT ISAC proposal.  A key milestone date is for the CAUDIT Executive Committee to consider the ISAC service proposal and advise whether there is a minimum of 25 institutions that wish to use the service (and if yes to identify the institutions).

30 Aug 2016

Chair of the CAUDIT Cybersecurity Community of Practice has undertaken a research based study tour to the USA to visit key Cybersecurity threat intelligence and research institutions...

29 Jul 2016

The CAUDIT Cybersecurity CoP  are collaborating on two initiatives.  One is the CAUDIT Top Ten issue of ‘Information Security’ and the other is working in conjunction with CAUDIT and AusCERT on AusCERT’s proposed Information sharing Analysis Centre (ISCAC).